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Electrocardiogram (EKG)

Testing Your Heart's Electrical Charge

EKGs are offered by Mercy Health at our testing facilities throughout West Michigan, providing you with information on how your heart is performing and how it's ultimately affecting your health.

What is an EKG?

Each time the heart beats, it creates a small electrical charge that signals your heart muscles to contract in a specific order. An EKG is a test that checks for any irregularities with the electrical activity of your heart. Special sensors, called electrodes, will be placed on your skin to measure this electrical charge, which will allow us to know how your heart is performing.

An EKG takes approximately five minutes, with no preparations required on behalf of the patient.

What is a 12-Lead EKG?

In a 12-Lead EKG test, we will place 10 sensors on the chest, legs and arms that create different tracings of the electrical charge created by your heart. This very sensitive test can identify irregular heart rates, rhythms, heart attacks, oxygen shortages and the size of your heart chambers.

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